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Guild Events

Post by Tipsy on Tue Oct 12, 2010 3:02 am

To Play you must PAY!!
Okay that sounds a little over the top but really it's not.

Hosting a guild event can be costly!
I don't think it's fair that the Guild lead should be the only one responsible for Event prizes.

*With the exception of GW*
Handing somebody's booty to em should be rewarding enough!!

SOOOOOO~!~ As I said to Play you must PAY!

Now I'm not talking over the top penya donations. Prices will be between 1 - 5mil.

Each event will be priced:
1. Depending on how demanding it is
2. What all needs to go into it

The donation will be split up 4 ways.....

4 WAYS?! well I think we should donate a small portion to guild..
Reason for Guild donation, is so we can afford to buy something special now and then for events.

Donation Total 15mil
1st place will receive half that 7,500,000
2nd place will recieve half of that 3,750,000
3rd place will recieve half of that 1,875,000
Guild will also receive 1,875,000

IF Prize is Not Penya

Penya donated to this event will go directly into Guild Bank~!~

1. Guild Members Donate *amount of penya requested by event* to Guild Bank. *yes we can tell who donates & Amount*
2. Guild events can be paid for in advance or on same day of event.

Some events will be open to public *if you have a friend that wants to join, or we will be advertising UO is hosting an event* Inform a Kingpin and they will accept the donation.

If you would like to donate something to a Guild event, that would be great.
We will let members know what was donated and by who,unless you want to remain anonymous ~!~

There will be events where penya is not only the prize ~!~

*you won't know this until event is completed*

You are not obligated to participate in guild events.

DO Note the more that play the more fun it will be.

Possible Events:Each event will have, details of when and how to play as we go.
Hide and Seak
Follow the Leader
Simon Says
Scavenger Hunt
Card Game 21

Guild Event's coming soon ~!~

Please Create Another Topic For Input or Suggestion.


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